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Cornell University


October 28, 2022

If you’re celebrating Halloween this weekend, please do so safely. Keep an eye on friends and use the buddy system. Be aware of the signs of an alcohol emergency and know what to do. Alcohol use does not cause sexual assault, but it can be a contributing factor as perpetrators take advantage of the vulnerability it can create. If you see someone who looks uncomfortable, appears too intoxicated to know what is going on, or you notice something is off, be a prosocial bystander and intervene. Help is always available. Call the Public Safety Communications Center at 607-255-1111, by using Rave Guardian, or 911 for any emergency. Don’t be afraid to get assistance when you need it and remember, Good Sam applies.

Other safety tips: take the weather into consideration before you go out. Do not carry realistic weapons and, most of all, be respectful to others, which helps to ensure everyone’s safety.