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Cornell University

A Message from University Fire Marshal’s Office – Fire Safety and Prevention:

December 9, 2022

Our thoughts are with the members of our community that are impacted by the fire in Collegetown this week. Students impacted or in need of additional assistance can connect with Student Support and Advocacy Services for additional resources.

Remember this important fire safety information. If a fire alarm in your building activates, leave at once – do not delay. Never ignore a fire alarm, as fires can spread quickly. Always know two ways out in case one of your paths becomes blocked. Close all doors behind you. Alert others to evacuate by knocking on doors as you exit. Once outside and out of harm’s way, if you know the location of the fire, call 911 and say, “I want to report a fire.” Stay on the phone with the 911 operator until they say you can hang up.

For more fire safety information, please visit College Fire Science and Safety Guidebook and our Environment, Health and Safety page.

For further information or assistance, please contact the University Fire Marshal at